Your contact partners

The following contact partners with their individual areas of expertise are available.


Dipl.-Ing. Michael Bonk Expert Assessment Commercial Management
Dr.-Ing Thomas Schrepfer Structural design, Research and Development, Facade consultation
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Gscheidle Structural design, Civil engineering works

Contact partner by area of expertise

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Platts Sealing, Expert Assessment
Dipl.-Ing Michael Krätschell Construction physics
Dipl.-Ing. Mike Pfeifer Facade consultation, Research and Development
Dipl.-Ing. Susanne Rautenberg Building structure analysis, Maintenance planning
Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Todtenhaupt Preservation of evidence, Vibrations measurement
Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Belaschk Building dynamics, Fire prevention
Dipl.-Ing. Lars Heinz Structural design
Sigrid Wolf Secretary's office, Quality management (QM)