Building safety at urban construction sites

During inner-city construction projects, the stability of the building under construction as well as the stability and traffic safety of the neighbouring buildings must be evaluated and ensured. This especially applies if deep construction pits have been excavated during the construction process, leading to deformations and rearrangements in the subsoil of the neighbouring buildings. Even with careful planning and excavation of deep pits, soil deformations and subsequent settlements and shifts in the area of the neighbouring structure cannot be prevented completely.

To assess the effects of settlement, horizontal shifts and inclines on the stability of the neighbouring buildings, the bearing structure of the buildings in question is computationally examined in the relevant areas. Based on these assessments and our established experience with such assignments, we deduce deformation parameters and determine geodatic and vibrational measurement concepts when necessary. For construction purposes we monitor the condition of the building as per the observation method in compliance with DIN 1054 when required.