By compiling our knowledge in the areas of building materials, building physics and structural planning, we provide integrated, technically and economically optimised solutions.

Our office was founded in 1984 as a company constituted under civil law, with the main office in Berlin. In 1987 we transitioned into a GmbH, whereby the company is now active nationwide with four branch offices in Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

Our office’s interdisciplinary work is oriented toward the integrated solution of technical construction enquiries. Beginning with conducting a feasibility study and planning, then to technical propery supervision and assessing damages and flaws, evaluating the structural substance and existing documentation, up to planning demolition and disposing of building materials, our range of services encompasses all technical tasks throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

Our highly qualified team develops innovative solutions for all technical construction enquiries with our many years of experience. This interdisciplinary work structure also guarantees consideration of all technical aspects with regard to „sustainable construction“. Our goal- and deadline-oriented work method is reflected in our long-held certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001.

The many years of experience of our 80+ employees, and our high degree of knowledge reflected in the variety of our professional publications, is supported by modern technical amenities throughout the project development. We thus boast CAD and structural engineering calculation programmes as well as various complex programme systems developed for research. Both on-site evaluations as well as advanced structural component assessments in our company’s own testing hall are conducted with the newest measurement and diagnosis devices.